Vanfook Jigen JSW-50

Vanfook Jigen JSW-50


Wire single assist for aiming sharp teeth targets such as Sawarah (Sagoshi), Flounder, Flounder and so on.
Hook is using :
(Jigin [JH – 10] for # 1/0 to 3/0, Jigen Hyper [JH – 30] for # 4/0 to 6/0)
The assist line is a special specification that protected the hybrid wire “Keplert Metal GX (200 Lb) *” which is strong and flexible and difficult to kink with a transparent shrinkable tube. It is a special model that took every possible measure to eliminate assist line by fish’s teeth.
Lineup sizes :

size 1/0, 3pcs pack
size 2/0, 3pcs pack
size 3/0, 3pcs pack
size 4/0, 3pcs pack
size 5/0, 3pcs pack

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jigen JSW 50 1/0, jigen JSW 50 2/0, jigen JSW 50 3/0, jigen JSW 50 4/0, jigen JSW 50 5/0


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