Sunline PE-EGI ULT

Sunline PE-EGI ULT


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The ultimate in high performance, developed for thinness and power. Gives you the sharpness and toughness you need for dynamic casting and aggressive pumping.
●Made with ULT-PE for superior strength, stiffness, sensitivity, and abrasion resistance. Super-sensitive line design to give you precise, instant feedback of the tiniest action. Moderate stiffness and special coating for outstanding manageability and unbelievably high durability. Now you can go into those heavy cover areas and rocky sections you’ve never dared to try before.
●Four vivid base colors 15 meters each, marked every 2.5 meters for easy checking of casting, drift, and hit point distances.
●Newly added sizes (#0.3 and #0.5) for more variation in your eging style. Now you can use more aggressive, challenging techniques.


 PE-EGI ULT 180M, 0.4pe,  PE-EGI ULT 180M, 0.5pe,  PE-EGI ULT 180M, 0.6pe,  PE-EGI ULT 180M, 0.8pe,  PE-EGI ULT 180M, 1pe


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